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What is Web Development?

Web Application

Web Development is Web Application Development, it usually refers to the non design aspects of building web sites. This can range from simple scripts to handle a single function, to an entire website developed dynamically linking to a companies internal database to provide information to clients immediately.

Some examples are form mail scripts used to send emails from a website, Newsletter signup forms to collect site visitors email addresses, and tracking systems to collect information about what your sites visitors are checking out on your site.

So you may be asking yourself what's the point, well traditionally users would have to license a piece of software for their use before being able to use it. With a Web Application as long as you can access the internet, your application is available to you.

What is a Data Driven Application?

A data-driven application, also called a web application, is much more than a web site. It is a set of custom-designed software components that provide an elegant user interface to your customer through a web browser, and accomplish a significant business task for you, usually by reading from and writing to a database. In their most capable form these are called Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

Examples of RIA's include automobile web sites where you can "build your own" vehicle, hotel reservation sites, ecommerce sites, shopping carts, or any site that requires users to log in. The business function performed can be as simple or as complex as you dare to imagine.

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