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Navigation/ Menu Structure

The menu or navigation structure is one of the most important features of effective website design. Navigation menus are fundamental design elements that help to create the look and feel of a website through color, typography, and style.

CSS is great for Navigation structure

The look and usability of the navigation menu should not suffer in order to accomplish a specific look. Ideally, the navigation should be attractive and compliment the look of the site rather than overpower the rest of the site and take focus away from the content. In order to accomplish the best search results while having an attractive appearance, CSS or cascading style sheets should be used to create stylish text for great menu navigation.

While CSS has been widely adopted for purposes of making web pages faster to load, easier to modify, and compliant with standards, this technology also offers some key benefits for Search Engine Optimization. These benefits come from the clean separation between content and style that CSS affords.

Because of this separation, you can write semantically meaningful, clean, light-weight HTML code that is physically organized in the best possible way for crawling and indexing by a search engine. At the same time, you can apply all the styling and visual layout you want to attain your web design goals. This is a powerful combination of benefits, indeed.

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