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Some said it wouldn't last, that it would never be able to sustain the amount of users; that eventually, it would crash. But despite doubt and skepticism, the Internet has changed the world as we know it; the way we communicate, find and share information, do business and proven- it is very much here to stay. From being a network of networks to becoming a medium; an information superhighway without geographic frontiers, the Internet has made distances shorter and the world much smaller.

In earlier days, websites functioned as simple on-line brochures for organizations, with very little interaction or real value for customers. But as technology improved, so did websites. Over the years, websites have become more interactive and it's common to see discussion forums, e-commerce for on-line retailing and a wide range of other features, which ties back to the idea of a Global Village.

Social media networking, such as Facebook and Twitter are the name of the game now, with websites having to hook into social media websites and create communities. Though we are beginning to see more and more attempts by both businesses and governments to control the Internet, the trend will most likely lead to increasing transparency if they wish to thrive in our fast-paced Age of Information. "The greatest changes will occur in the arena of trust and human relations."

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